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We’re bringing back family game night!

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You’ve heard the reports—executive function is key to “successful learning,” says The Atlantic, citing these skills as “more important to learning and educational success than IQ or inherent academic talent.” And one of the best ways to help your kids hone their cognition, executive function and, even, boost attention spans is with structured games. In other words, bring back family game night! We’re overwhelmingly committed to bringing back game night. That means ditching the smart phones, the tablets, the video games and, of course, shutting off the TV. It means gathering the gang around the table for some fun family...

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Popular Wooden Games

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Board games have been played for thousands of years by most cultures around the world. Most games included wooden boards, as wood was readily available and easy to fashion into the required shapes. Some artisans crafted elaborate boards that blurred the lines between game board and artwork. Wooden game boards have been found among the historical treasures of many civilizations.   Several of the board games popular today have existed for hundreds or even thousands of years. These games have become part of the cultural heritage of different societies. Some games have been adapted from even older games that are...

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