7" x 3" Eyeglass Cases

This classic size is just right for taking your glasses on vacation or storing them comfortably at home and is finished with a beautiful laser engraved design.

7" x 3" Eye Glass Cases

Eyeglass Cases

A wooden eyeglass case protects your glasses whether at home or on-the-go. Each hinged wooden box is just the right size for a pair, at 7x3”, with a smooth rounded shape that makes it comfortable to hold or pack away.

Each engraved glasses case has one of Heartwood Creations’ artistic designs laser etched onto the lid. Or, enjoy the option to customize your design and make your eyeglass box unique to you.

Soft black foam offers a cushioned protective lining, so eyeglasses travel unharmed. But these wood glasses cases are also perfect for holding small collections, tools, or keepsakes.