Laser Art Cribbage Boards

American cherrywood boards with 100's of deeply engraved artworks to choose from.

Laser Art

Cribbage Boards Laser Art

A laser engraved cribbage board from Heartwood Creations is sturdy and artfully decorated. There are hundreds of detailed designs to choose from, ranging from a playful cat cribbage board to a handsome elk design. 

Enjoy a cribbage game with a smaller cribbage case that you can take along with you, for play wherever you go. A card or game enthusiast will love one of these sets. Some are a continuous cribbage board, while others are non-continuous. 

The best cribbage board for travel has everything you need to play a game in one place. Each laser art cribbage board features a hinge-top lid that reveals a pack of included cards and pegs.