Spin Puzzle Boxes

Puzzle Boxes

A Heartwood Creations puzzle box is a whimsical way to keep small items secure. Each handmade box is sized to fit in your hand, with room inside for jewelry, keys, or other important objects. 

These handcrafted wooden puzzle boxes are built using the same expert woodworking techniques that make Heartwood boxes well-loved, and each includes a special locking mechanism that keeps them secure. With soft lining fabrics and decorative embellishments or shapes, they can serve as a way to present a special gift. If you need separate compartments, the yin yang puzzle box has two sections. The secret box style, with a hidden sliding dovetail lid, is also available with a locking puzzle mechanism.

A complex puzzle box may seem like a mystery to open, but each one comes with instructions. Some require a tap to open, others a spin, or the push of a button when it’s lined up just so – a fun series of movements that becomes ritual.