Throughout history, jewelry boxes were handcrafted luxuries that only the wealthy could afford. Artisans created boxes for royal households, members of the clergy, and other affluent patrons who loved using them to store their valuable jewelry. Often the boxes were works of art in their own right, inlayed with precious gemstones and metals, as they needed to be worthy of the elite who would own them.


Today, jewelry boxes are available online and in almost every department store. These easily found boxes are fairly standard, made of wood or plastics, and come in almost every design and color. However for those with the means to get something unique, there are many luxurious boxes on the market today. Here are some of the most expensive designer jewelry boxes available today.


Hermes: The French fashion house carries a few high-end boxes to house its signature scarves, but any of these can be repurposed as a home for your favorite jewels. If you’re feeling especially luxurious, you may want to splurge on the Chaine d'Ancre. This 11” square box is fashioned from sycamore wood, with an inlay design of marquetry and mother of pearl. The inside is divided into two sections and lined with red velvet goatskin. This gorgeous box sells for $5,300.


Louis Vuitton: This fashion powerhouse carries two travel jewelry boxes in the classic Monogram design. The Monte Carlo is a small zippered case with room for three sets of earrings, a ring holder and three interior zippered pockets. It boasts the classic Monogram design on canvas, with golden brass fittings and padlock. Retailing for $1,180, it is the perfect travel companion. The larger toiletry case can also do double duty as a carry-on for statement pieces. Approximately the size of a shoebox, this case has two compartments, a mirror, washable linen interior and brass fittings. Two trunk latches and an s-lock keep your valuables inside and safe. This must-have box retails for $5,350 and has already sold out online.


Cartier: For the ultimate in jewelry boxes, one must seek out the ultimate jeweler. Cartier’s Sun Box is a vision of silver, leather and nephrite jade. The box is handcrafted of jade in a gorgeous pale green, while the lid is crafted of sterling silver in a sunburst design and accented with a jade cabochon. Lined in green suede leather, this box pays tribute to Cartier’s history of creating fine designs. This limited edition box retails for a stunning $42,000.


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