Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry holds a special place in your heart and in your wardrobe — organize your smallest treasures and bring a touch of handmade beauty to your dressing table with these hand crafted jewelry boxes. These hinge-top wooden boxes have space for your full collection of jewelry, watches, and other keepsakes, and have small compartments to make sorting and storing an easy and enjoyable task. Some even include ways to display mementos and pictures.

Crafted in unique and exotic woods, many of our jewelry box designs feature marquetry embellishments or inlaid wood details that Heartwood Creations is known for. Sliding interior trays and soft lining fabrics protect your necklaces, rings and earrings, and give your American made jewelry box a luxurious feel. 

These truly special keepsake boxes are an amazing gift idea, as each custom wood jewelry box can be personalized with our laser engraved jewelry box plate. The high-quality construction techniques used to build these artistic fine wood boxes will be cherished for generations to come.