Your iPad is probably already a part of your daily life, from working to watching videos to window shopping. It shouldn't come as a surprise then that there are some incredibly unique iPad accessories out there that will make your life easier, a little more stylish, and all around better.


The FridgePad is an easy solution to a problem a lot of us have. We use our iPad throughout the house, so where is a central place to put it? The idea is so put it on your fridge or a metal cabinet in your office with easy to install magnets (no tools required), but you can hang your iPad securely to any magnetic surface. When cooking, it conveniently keeps your recipe close but away from spills and frees up counter space.

Fine Wood Keyboard Lapdesk

If you do a lot of work on your iPad, it can be uncomfortable and time consuming to do anything that requires typing. This keyboard lapdesk makes it easier to connect a keyboard (or mouse!) to your iPad and not have to juggle the different pieces. The fine wood tray can be used on your desk or on your lap.


There’s no denying that while many of us are happy with the video quality of our iPads, the sound quality could be a little better. Amplifiear is an easy solution to that problem. By simply attaching it to the corner of your iPad, the sound will intensify immediately. Since it doesn’t plug in, you won’t have a decrease in battery life.

Nomad Stylus Brush

If you love to paint but find it inconvenient to purchases and store all of the supplies, the Nomad Brush might be a great compromise. You are able to layer and add depth to your digital art in a way that looks more realistic. The touch screen of an iPad responds to each brush stroke so that you get a genuine result. It also works with a variety of painting apps.

USB Typewriter

This USB typewriter isn’t the most practical item on the list, but it’s by far one of the coolest iPad accessories around. If you like the nitty, gritty feel of working on a typewriter, this is perfect for you. It convert almost any manual typewriter into a keyboard (and with the luxury of the backspace key). It simply connects your iPad to the typewriter via the USB.

At the end of the day, your iPad is only as great and unique as you make it. These accessories are a great place to start when it comes to getting a personalized experience.