Best Gifts for the Outdoorsman

Have an outdoorsman in your life? What can you get him that will make his day? Whether you are buying presents for a birthday, father’s day, anniversary, or something in between, you can always find great and thoughtful gifts for the outdoorsman in your life.

Here are just a few of our suggestions:


There are plenty of multi-tools out there. Whether you want to get the traditional Swiss Army Knife or something newer, do some research to find the best possible one for what your outdoorsman likes to do. Tools like the Huckberry EDC Kit 2.0 are easy to use because they can just slip onto a backpack and can forget it until you really need it. Look for tools that have a variety of options, including box cutters, wrenches, lighters, and a screwdriver. The more tools, the better. There are even some tools that are as thin as credit cards.

Knife Cases

If you are getting a knife or a multi-tool, having a way to store them is helpful. Wooden boxes that store your knives are a great option for someone who wants something a little more personal and heartfelt. Wooden knife boxes, like the ones we sell, help to keep the knife safe and can make the outdoorsmen feel a little more at home when he is away from you.

Inflatable Couch

While these may look somewhat silly from the outside looking in, inflatable couches and sleeping bags like those from Lamzac can really come in handy. They are super small and store easily until you need them. Then, they are extremely easy to fill with air and use for whatever you need -- they’ll even float!


Lifestraw is one of the biggest advancements made over the last few years. It is a personal water filter that is easy to carry. This can help when on the go, drinking water from questionable water sources. While no one really wants to use it, it is good to have in case of an emergency. They do not require any batteries or moving parts, so they are really low maintenance.

Camp Cookware

The outdoorsmen in your life needs to eat, even if he is not always the best at cooking. Buying high quality cooking gear can help him out a little, at least. Make sure to get a complete line (maybe band together with others) so that he has at least a pot, strainer, pan, mugs, and bowls.

No matter what gift you get for your outdoorsman, make sure that it comes from the heart and really think through what present to get him.