Picking a Christmas present for Mom can be a challenge. She deserves the world, so choosing something special that speaks her language feels like a daunting task. We've rounded up some excellent options that will let her know how much you care. 


A good handbag to carry all of her essentials is one of those necessities that can also be a treat. Mom might not splurge on something really nice for herself, so you can swoop in with a showstopper or something she's coveted for ages. Upgrade her bag to something that will last a long time and go with every outfit. 


Memory Box

Your mom loves when something comes from your heart, like a wooden memory box that she can keep on her mantle or in her bedroom. A wooden box is sturdy and well built, and will last a long time. Create a heartwarming presentation, filling the box with personal notes, photos, and mementos to make it even more special. Our handcrafted wooden boxes come in so many sizes and with many styles of decoration, so there's certainly something that suits her tastes. We can also add a personalized message to many of our boxes with laser engraving. If you’re interested in buying your mom one of our handcrafted boxes, take a look at our selection.

Experiences She’ll Remember

This year, an experience would mean more than ever. Plan for her to visit somewhere that she's always wanted to go, or give her a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant and arrange for her to go with a dear friend. 

Spa Day

A little pampering is always appreciated, and an appointment at the spa will let her know you care. Or get her beauty products that you know she would love but would never buy for herself. 


While it might seem cliche, giving your mom something sparkly is always a great idea. Everyone loves a new pair of earrings or a nice necklace. As a bonus, she will think of you every time she wears it. If her collection could use some organization, or if you want to go a step above, present her new jewelry to her in a wooden jewelry box.

Your mom is the most important woman in your life, so this Christmas, get her something special. Whatever you end up giving her, remember that spending time with her and the thought behind your gift are what matter most.