Remember time capsules? Depending on when you grew up, chances are you’ve left your mark (and your photo, favorite book, message…) on at least one. In today’s increasingly connected universe, things like time capsules don’t seem to pack the same punch they once did—why bury it when you can, simply, store it in the cloud?

But increasingly people are looking for ways to preserve the present in meaningful, personal ways. One we saw and loved? A series of small boxes customized to the specific month, year or other moment in time—mini “chapters,” as the DIY archivist told us. Inside each were the mementos, handwritten notes and, even, USBs loaded with photos, music and other memories—definitely a modern take on yesterday’s time capsules!

If you’re considering this beautiful, personal way to maintain your family history, step one is simple: finding the right custom wooden boxes to store your memories. Our thoughts?

When you got married

When you celebrated baby’s 1st birthday

When you took the trip cross-country

When you made it happen

When you spent the summer shoreside

When you felt inspired

Which custom wooden box is right for you and your modern time capsule? Share your thoughts in the comments below!