Essential iPhone Travel Accessories

It is almost time for road trip and travel season, which means that you will want to stock up on accessories for your trip. The most important thing you can accessorize is your tech and phone collection. No one wants to be stuck with nothing to look at during the boring parts of the ride, without music to listen to, without battery power for the AUX cord, and especially without protection against the bumps and drops that are bound to happen.

If you are planning on a road trip, going on a longer plane ride, or just want to have something when you take a bus into the city, consider stocking up on these:

1. Power Banks for iPhone

Getting a portable charger or a power bank for your phone can be a lifesaver. You charge it up and throw it into your bag, only taking it out when you need it. Many portable chargers will last for at least two full charges, if not more.

As an added bonus, these power banks are relatively inexpensive -- you can find them for as little as $5. For more money, you will get a 3000-5000 mAh range, which will be good enough for day trips. You then just them in when you get to an outlet and recharge them.

2. Wood iPhone Travel Cases

Worried about your phone getting smashed or broken on your trip? Worried you may drop it during the hustle and bustle? Unsure of the baggage handling at airports? If so, a wooden iPhone travel case is a great idea for you. These elegant and sturdy boxes will hold your phone and prevent it from danger, helping to absorb the shock of drops. And many of them are decorated with unique and beautiful carvings. Click here to see our handmade wooden iPhone travel cases.

3. Travel Apps: Offline Maps

When taking a road trip or walking around a new city for the first time, we all get lost and need help. Unfortunately, people are not always so willing to help, or depending on the country you decide to travel to, may not understand. Downloading an offline mapping app can certainly help you. You can get a map of the entire city and then pick the places you want to visit so that you can get to them easily. You can also zoom in to find the things that will keep you entertained during trips when you have some free time.

There are plenty of options for maps out there, so you just have to choose the ones that are best for you.

4. Short/Mini Lightning Cable

iPhone cords are notoriously flimsy and fall apart quickly. And the longer it is, the more likely it is to get tangled. Save room in your carry on or your purse by investing in short lightning cables. These are handy for your portable batteries, charging at the airport, and will take up less space. But note that you do lose some of the flexibility when you go with a short or mini cable.

5. Battery Cases for iPhone

For some people, having a portable charger for their phones is enough, but for others, a battery case just makes more sense. If you are the kind of person who likes to keep things simple, an iPhone battery case that will keep your phone running for up to two days without charge is the go-to. This is great for those who want to use their phones for calls, texts, photos, maps, Snaps, and more.

No matter what, do not get caught without your phone when you are on a trip -- otherwise you will instantly regret it.