Great Mother's Day Gifts for Techie Moms

Your mom might not consider herself a techie type, but whether she embraces the digital lifestyle or prefers to go analog, it’s a fact that the world is relying more heavily on technology every year. Getting your mom a Mother’s Day gift that will help her embrace technology will surely make her life easier. The best and most thoughtful tech themed gifts actually focus more on luxury and materials than memory cards or screen resolution. Consider some of these accessories that help integrate technology into day to day life in a stylish way that even Mom will love:


  1. Luggage and handbags

Many enterprising luggage and handbag brands these days know how to combine technology and fashion. After all, most of us are more connected throughout our days than we’d like to admit, even when we’re on-the-go, thanks to our cell phones. Try a suitcase that includes a charging dock for batteries that are running low, or a handbag with special padded compartments that keep tablets safe in transit.

  1. Handcrafted organizers

Your mom likes things neat and organized, and that is exactly what our wooden boxes do. These beautifully carved wood boxes will keep cables safe or earbuds from getting tangled, and the appearance is as good as the utility. Don't let her lose her smallest accessories again!

  1. Fitness tracker

Does your mom love fitness? Even if she loathes it, today’s fitness trackers are streamlined and small with stylish straps. Worth giving a shot! She’ll be able to challenge her friends, set goals, and even participate in events and get health tips. As long as your mom has a smart phone, it should be easy for her to set up.

  1. Smart home accessories

Is your mom a gardener with a green thumb? If so, smartphone controlled garden lights are a great idea! She could also enjoy upgrades to her home, like light and temperature adjustments before she’s home from a day out, or a self-docking smart vacuum. 

  1. A subscription or virtual ticket

Sometimes, an event or experience seems like a more meaningful gift than something tangible. There are so many virtual events happening nowadays that can help her to feel connected, have something to look forward to, and maybe even learn something new. Consider getting her a ticket to an online concert, or a subscription to an app that will fuel one of her hobbies. Give the ticket to her in a beautiful wooden box for an extra special presentation she’ll keep forever.