Secret Boxes are small but mighty, with a super appealing smooth shape that begs to be touched. The larger sizes make a beautiful addition to your home decor. They make a statement on a shelf and are so much fun to style. Set up a “shelfie” with other natural components to highlight the color and grain of the wood, or play with shape and dimension and set your box among taller geometric or organic shaped vases and sculptures. 

We like a Secret Box on a bookcase in our office, as a hidden place to keep things we always want handy, but don’t need out and cluttering our desk at all times -- like a pair of headphones, a book of stamps, or the key to our safe. A Secret Box also makes a great addition to your entryway console, as a handy spot to keep your house keys or spare change. 

When Secret Boxes aren’t busy being useful, they can help highlight a sentimental item for display. Get creative! Some of our customers have used Secret Boxes to keep really inspired collections -- sand and shells from your honeymoon? Place the nostalgic items in a Secret Box with a decorated lid that speaks to the occasion it marks, or to your personal style. Leave it open a peek, and style it up with an assortment of framed pictures to create a whole story on your shelf. 


If space is an issue, or you want to combine storage and display, a Terra Flip-Top Box has a clever spot for a photo to be framed just under the the lid. Leave it open for a sweet reminder of a happy time or loved ones, and a convenient spot for gathering smaller trinkets to keep your surfaces tidy.