Are you tired of being unorganized, underprepared, and just plain messy? Are you sick of not being able to find phone cords, jewelry, or little keepsakes? A wooden valet box will help you to be neat and organized - or it will at least help you get there!


One of the best ways to get a wooden valet box is to make one, that way you can personalize it to your specifications. Sound difficult? It really isn’t! With just a few easy steps and some patience, you will be able to have a personalized wooden valet box!


Items needed: Wood of choice, ruler, hammer, nails, saw, pencil, wood glue, hinges

Step 1: Choosing your wood. Whether you want to match your bedroom furniture or you want to go with something unique, you will need to choose wood to make your box. If you haven’t worked with wood before, consider choosing something thinner so that you can cut it more easily.

Step 2: Determining the size of your box. You can figure out the perfect size by measuring the area you want to place the box in, or measuring the object that you want the box to hold. Measure and mark the wood using a ruler and pencil.

Step 3: Cutting the boards. Use a saw that you are comfortable with (hand or circular is preferred) and cut the boards using the guidelines you drew in step 2. If you use a handsaw, you might need to sand down the edges.

Step 4: Assemble the side pieces of the box. Create a butt joint or a 90 degree angle with the sides of the box. You should first use the wood glue to ensure stability and then put in nails to keep everything together. You should not have a lid or a bottom yet - it should resemble a picture frame.

Step 5: Attach the base. Make sure everything is sturdy and then attach the base to the box. Use the same method as before: wood glue and then nails. You should let your box dry thoroughly after this step.

Step 6: Attach the hinges and lid. Once the box is dry, you can then attach the lid. Put the lid on the box so that it is flush with the sides. Measure your box and determine where the hinges should be and mark with a pencil. Attach the hinge to the box using nails. Open and close the box a few times to make sure everything feels right.

Step 7: Personalize your box. Now you can stain, decorate, and store your box wherever you want and however you want. Many people choose to engrave initials on the top of the box for an elegant touch.

This is just the simplest way to make a wooden valet box - you can make it as elaborate as you want. Some people like to make trays while others prefer to buy them and fashion the box around them. It’s all up to you.