Now that summer is here, everyone we know is planning a vacation. After more than a year at home, some are heading off to farther reaches and changing their scenery in big ways. But one way to get some rest and relaxation in, closer to home, is to spend time in nature.

One of our favorite ways to enjoy the summer season is to get outdoors. Camping, fishing, hiking and sports are all ways to connect to others, yourself and nature. These activities can all be done simply and with minimal supplies, but many outdoor adventures require some small accessories to really make the most of your time. If you’re wondering how to organize gear for fishing, camping, or even an afternoon of golf, there are a number of small wooden boxes and tools that are definitely going to help!

Fishing lures are small and tend to get caught in things if they’re left loose in your bag. Take good care of them and keep them organized by selecting a few to store in a secret box. The slim profile of these boxes are so easy to slide into a loaded up pack. You can easily open them with one hand, but they stay securely closed until you do.

Pocket knives are so multi-purpose. Use them in place of some tools, for hunting and fishing, opening packages, whittling, emergencies, digging and food preparation. Our knives come in beautifully decorated wooden boxes. Travel with your knife safely stored in the box, or keep the box at home for collecting small tools or trinkets.

If your outdoor adventures are taking you off the beaten path, a compass will come in handy. And when you’re camping for any length of time, you might want to bring some entertainment. Add some play to time around the campfire with a small set of dice. They take up almost no space and allow for a number of fun games. 

A more manicured approach to outdoor sporting, golf also has its share of small accessories that need sorting. Make sure that you bring a number of golf tees and markers for 18 holes. Choose one of our secret boxes to keep them secure in your golf bag, or get the treasure box which comes with tees or markers already included.