Whoever said that good things come in small packages must have had jewelry in mind. Smaller jewelry pieces can be just as much fun as statement jewelry, but they do require a little more care, especially with storage. Smaller pieces are usually more delicate, and may be overwhelmed in a regular jewelry box.


If you have many small pieces, you don’t want to buy a jewelry box that consists of one large chamber. Storing all of your jewelry in a single compartment increases the possibility that larger metal pieces will scratch or dent smaller delicate ones. Additionally, you also need to guard against small pieces getting lost. Proper storage of your collection will protect the pieces and make them easy to find.


Choose a jewelry box with your collection in mind. If you have a lot of delicate necklaces, you may want a hanging box, or armoire with necklace rack. This will allow necklaces to be stored individually, with little danger of tangling. A large earring collection warrants a traditional dresser top box, with individual compartments for each set. Don’t choose a box with a single large compartment, if you have small piece, as they will get lost.


If your heart is set on a jewelry case that has larger compartments, invest in a number of small silk or nylon mesh drawstring bags to keep your delicate pieces protected. Some jewelry stores will have them, or you can purchase them online. Pearls require even more specific handling. Each item of jewelry should be stored separately, as pearls scratch very easily. Don’t even store pearls in the same compartment with other pearls, as most pearl jewelry pieces have metal clasps or other metal findings. It is very easy for one pearl piece to scratch another in this manner.


Additionally, pearls should not be stored in a safe or in the light. The dry air of a safe or safe deposit box will eventually dry out the pearls, and may cause them to crack. Excessive exposure to sunlight will yellow pearls over time. Do not use a jewelry box with a glass top or window.


Ideally, pearl necklaces should be stored flat. They are usually strung with silk thread, which can stretch if the necklace is hung on a necklace rack. You can purchase a pearl folio for this purpose and keep it in a desk or dresser.