Inspirational quotes are having a moment. While the state of the world doesn’t seem certain from day to day, inspirational quotes are a great reminder that your happiness is within your control. There are so many ways to explore personal growth, from reading books, to creating routines that offer stability, to religion, therapy, education, and creating community. But ultimately, many of these methods point back to words of strength that help lift spirits or spark new ideas.

Social media plays host to so many motivational quotes. You can scroll through different ones all day, but it’s incredibly powerful to choose a single mantra -- or a few -- that truly speaks to you, and make that a part of your life. 

One favorite way to incorporate mantras into your routine is to write them out. Journaling is a proven way to rewire your brain and create yourself a new reality. Dedication to your paper and pen as a daily practice is what really drives results. The mantra becomes not only aspirational, but it becomes part of your day to day, today!

You can meditate on a favorite quote or mantra if you have the inclination. There are a lot of apps available these days with excellent guided meditations, and it can be fun to set up a space in your home that feels comfortable, safe and serene for looking within. Meditation does require some patience if you’re a beginner, but just a short session can have a calming effect.

If a specific quote speaks to you, there are a lot of fun ways to incorporate it in your decor or to carry it with you each day. A mantra made into a framed painted art piece can make a bold statement in your home or office. Printed tees are a good way to start a conversation wherever you go. To keep your motivational message a bit closer to the heart, one of our wooden Secret Boxes with a quote laser engraved on the top is a great way to combine function with your daily reminder. Pocket size boxes are great for carrying tiny treasures on-the-go, while our larger boxes work well on your desk or bookshelf for collections or tools. 

What’s an inspirational quote or famous phrase that speaks to you? We’d love to hear what lights you up.