Must Have iPhone Accessories

If you have an iPhone, you are probably attached to you at almost all times. In so many ways, it has made life easier for so many people. However that being said, there are definitely some shortcomings that accessories have been developed for to overcome.

Of course, there are the popular iPhone accessories that we all have: earphones, chargers, and cases. Earphones and chargers come with all iPhones, and a case is usually the first accessory purchase. However, there are also some accessories that not everyone has that are useful and can improve the way you use your phone.

Motorcycle Mount

If you drive a motorcycle, you might not know where to put your phone. You can put it in a saddlebag, but then it would not be readily available if you need it for navigation. You could put it in your pocket, but it could easily fall out.

A motorcycle mount for an iPhone is an easy way to keep your phone safe and secure while also being able to use it. Make sure to look for motorcycle mounts for iPhones that are not too bulky and will not add pull weight to your bike.

Phone Caddies

Where does your mobile phone sit when you charge it? If you are like most people, you will say that you keep it in your bed, which is actually not the best place. Your phone is one of the dirtiest things in your home, and you are just inviting it into your bed!

Use a Phone Caddy. They allow your phone to rest beside your bed without actually touching your bedside table. They are available in different styles and materials. From simple to elegant, there are even some made with cherry wood. The velvet lining even muffles noises and texts that could bother you while you are sleeping. It also makes everything look extremely organized with no cords anywhere. Click Here to view them on our site.

Audio Booster

If you like to use your iPhone to watch videos, Netflix, or even just to talk on the phone, you might have problems with the sound quality. While newer models have tried to rectify the problem, iPhones are still not as loud as they could be. Luckily, there are systems like SoundClip and AirCurve that attach to your phone to make it louder. They both work with the built in speakers, making it louder and, in many cases, clearer.

The sound waves are adjusted and directed so you can use them for just about anything you need -- games, YouTube videos, music, or conference calls.

iFlash External Flash

If you like to take photos with your iPhone or you use it as a flashlight, the iFlash External Flash is a great addition. It will help you while trying to get your keys in the door at night, taking your dog for a walk, or even navigating your home without turning lights on. It can also be attached to iPads.

Flexible Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

If you text often or use your phone for more than just communication, a Bluetooth enabled keyboard is a great idea to get work done on the go. The best ones are flexible and made of high quality silicon, which makes storage and transport easy. Look for one that is waterproof and comes with wrist support.