A musician must practice in order to improve their performance. Practice makes perfect, right? 

As any musician puts more time and intention into regularly using their instrument, studies with mentors or teachers, and challenges themselves with new technique and tunes, they will naturally become more advanced. It’s part muscle memory, part cognitive function, and partly a result of improved sensitivity to stylistic nuances. 

Musicians who are new to learning an instrument may prefer to start on a student grade instrument, or borrow, rent, or buy a used instrument. Basic technique can be learned on any one of these, and the quality of the instrument will barely make a difference until major improvement can be seen. 

Once a budding musician begins to see new levels of competence, they will probably want to invest in a higher quality instrument. It will feel more comfortable and will noticeably enhance the sound produced. You can also treat yourself to a beautifully unique instrument with decorative accents that might inspire you in your stage presence. Maybe you need a fun stage name to go along with your souped up instrument? 

It can be surprising how many tiny accessories are needed for many musical instruments. If you’re playing guitar, a small collection of picks can be helpful to have on hand at all times. Woodwind instruments like oboes, clarinets and saxophones need an assortment of reeds at the ready. It is ideal to have a few reeds and rotate the one that you use each time you play. You also may find that as you become a stronger player, you will need to change the thickness and strength of the reed you use. 

Most instruments come with a case to protect it from damage. But it can be helpful to get an extra smaller case or two for your guitar picks, reeds, strings, or other musicians’ tools. Small wooden boxes like our Secret Boxes make a great case for these delicate tools, as they can’t be crushed and have just enough space for storage, so nothing gets jostled around when you’re on the go.

If you’re looking for a special gift for a musician, some of our Treasure Boxes come ready with guitar picks or finger picks already included.