The holiday season is over, and we’ve settled into the New Year, but there’s another reason to celebrate, coming up. If you’ve got eyes for someone, Valentines Day may be a moment that gets you excited to show you care. On the other hand, it could be super stressful, with pressure mounting over how to make your love swoon. 

It’s easy to think that you need to go overboard with pricey gifts and a lavish display of affection. But oftentimes, it really is the thought that counts.

We like to think of our wooden boxes as the ultimate way to make someone happy here at Heartwood Creations. Everything we make is handcrafted in America from beautiful woods. Choose a box with imagery that speaks to your sweetie’s interests, like a cute pup, wildlife, or botanical motifs

For us, one of the most fun features of a Heartwood Creations gift is the way you can personalize it. It’s not just about a laser engraved message, to create a personalized box. It’s also about what you put inside of the box! This is where you can get creative. This is where the swooning comes in. 

Create memories with a ticket or promise to go somewhere special. Commemorate memories of sweet moments past with a note from the heart about what your love means to you, or photos that instantly bring a smile.

Think outside the box (excuse the pun) by gathering up mementos that tell a story that only you both will know. Sand and shells from a favorite beach, buttons from a storied but threadbare coat that you wore on every adventure together, enamel pins from your favorite tourist destinations, or pebbles from the driveway at your first home together. Or go big and put a diamond ring in there. No pressure!