Buying American made products has never been more important. 

With a global pandemic to contend with, small business owners have struggled to operate, more so than in any time in recent history. Products that are made in the United States are an important part of our economy, and buying them helps the situation in so many ways. Many American made products are manufactured by small businesses. Supporting them translates quite literally to supporting families and communities. Small businesses in the US employed 60.6 million Americans in 2017 according to the Small Business Association - that’s over 47% of the working population. We are so proud to have a business that has been producing everything locally here in Rockford, Illinois for over 40 years, and employing many extremely talented folks. 

November’s ADP report states that small businesses added 110,000 new jobs to the market from October to November. The goods-producing sector, however, saw a decline of 5,000 jobs. While it’s nice to see some gains, the American economy has a long way to go to return to where it was pre-Covid19. Small businesses have massive impact, and it’s important to remember that gains in employment will only continue with the support of our buying habits.

Purchasing USA-made products is a way to guarantee a level of quality - both in construction and in the raw materials that are used to manufacture. Handcrafted objects are made with care, artistry and expertise. Materials that we use are safe and will last for generations. Manufacturing conditions are kept to a high standard and fair wages are paid.

American made products also reduce the toll that is taken on the environment, as freight across oceans is eliminated. At Heartwood Creations, we are able to provide free shipping on our products to our customers in part because domestic shipping costs are less than international. Making use of the USPS for our shipping purposes supports an American infrastructure and employs many. 

Small businesses make up the fabric of our country, and without them, our neighborhoods become overrun with big-box sameness. There are so many wonderful platforms supporting American Made businesses these days, but you can also shop direct through small business' websites, or by frequenting your local shops, which need to be supported too! 

Where you spend your dollar matters.