Looking to stay sharp? Look no further than a puzzle. Not only do puzzles and puzzle-based games activate both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, but the simple act of solving these hands-on problems exercises the brain cells and pushes them to maximize both their efficiency and their capacity—and that’s a win/win for puzzlers of any age. Keep am them and you’ll be less likely to wind up suffering from memory loss now and in the future, as well as more severe conditions including Alzheimer’s and dementia.

So how to get your daily “puzzle time” in? You could crack open a puzzle and spend the next few hours (or day...or, even, weeks) connecting piece after piece, or you could snag a Puzzle Box from Heartwood. These handcrafted custom wooden boxes are perfect for not just keeping your sharp but, of course, are timeless keepsakes perfect for storing anything and everything. Some of our customer favorites?

Cherry Knock Puzzle Box
A twist on our Classic Secret Box!

Deluxe Button Puzzle Box
Expert craftsmanship meets excellent minds.

Heart Knock Puzzle Box
A sweet gift idea with an exciting twist.

Each of the boxes requires you to complete a few simple tasks before it opens to reveal your treasures. Like a puzzle, these puzzle boxes are great ways to keep your mind nimble and solution-focused. A win/win!

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