Playing a cribbage game is a sure way to enjoy some entertainment. It’s a hugely popular game for a reason, and has endured through history, with stories about its past ranging from royalty to submariners in the military. 

It’s a perfect game for two to play, though it can be adapted for more players. The rules are a bit complex, with a layer of subtlety that must be learned through practice. Scoring points and winning a cribbage game depends on which cards your opponent has played, if cards in the remaining deck will help your hand, and your position on the board. When you know how to play cribbage very well, there are many variations to the playbook you can go by to make the game endlessly nuanced - and fun. 

While all you really need to play cribbage is a deck of cards, the scoring of the game continues on throughout each play - as opposed to only when a hand is shown - so one of our wooden cribbage boards really comes in handy. Pegs moved along the ‘streets’ of holes allow you to track your score in a neat and pleasing way. You can choose cribbage board designs to suit the way you like to play. Some offer continuous tracks, while others have multiple streets for score keeping.

The handmade game boards we offer at Heartwood Creations make great gifts for cribbage enthusiasts. Not only do they have holes and pegs for keeping track of your cribbage score, but many of the travel cribbage boards feature compact storage for a deck of cards and the included pegs. The unique cribbage boards also include a wide range of decorative embellishments like laser engraved illustrations. In sturdy, beautiful solid wood, they’ll be in great shape for generations to come.