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Summer Time Games for Kids

| Posted by Andy Griffin in Wooden Games

During the summer, there is a lot of time to fill for your kids. From rainy days when you can’t go outside to sunny days when you want to protect sensitive skin from the UV rays and the heat, finding things to do inside can be difficult. Luckily, there are some options that will make summertime just as much fun indoors as it is outdoors:   Simon Says   A traditional game of Simon Says is an easy way to keep your children entertained just about anywhere. The concept is simple: If you say “Simon says” and a command or...

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We’re bringing back family game night!

| Posted by Michael Fisher in Wooden Games

You’ve heard the reports—executive function is key to “successful learning,” says The Atlantic, citing these skills as “more important to learning and educational success than IQ or inherent academic talent.” And one of the best ways to help your kids hone their cognition, executive function and, even, boost attention spans is with structured games. In other words, bring back family game night! We’re overwhelmingly committed to bringing back game night. That means ditching the smart phones, the tablets, the video games and, of course, shutting off the TV. It means gathering the gang around the table for some fun family...

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